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You can find more updated information about me at my new website


The site has pretty much the same purpose as this site... a place to store any information I may find or write.
Hope to see you there!

Wow, it's been a while. but it's been for a good reason, I've gotten a better job and I've been nothing but busy... hopefully I'll be redesigning the site sometime in the near future.

Nothing on the site is updated... the portfolio, the resume... I've learned and done so much in the past 2 or 3 months that those things are way outdated... so if you have any questions... just Email Me

I have found what may be the best tool that I will be using in the near future...it's called HTML Notes. It's basically Notepad on crack. It features HTML syntax highlighting and the ability to make predefined text "Buttons" that paste a predefined snippet of text into the page. This can be useful for those endless tables, or Form input fields that can be such a pain in the ass.

One thing HTML notes is Not, is a WYSIWYG drag and drop editor. You still must actually type the HTML, it just makes that job so much easier. Keep in mind, I'm not bashing WYSIWYG editors because they can also make certain (tables) jobs easier...but you must always be able to bring up notepad and get the job done.

I wish that the freeservers would hurry up and decide what they're gonna be doing with their stupid banner at the top...they've changed it like 3 times in the past 2 weeks...oh well, I guess that only affected those of us with DHTML in our site.

Someone Buy something.

My Test E-Commerce Web site is coming along quite nicely with a fully featured Admin area which allows you to add and update items from your web browser...this is all done using ASP to connect to an ACCESS database...good stuff
Well, I haven't had time to work on my html tutorial because I've been working on another project.
also found a new toy. Milkshape 3d is a 3d modeler that is extremely easy to use and can be used to make all kinds of Quake models. check it out.
I finally got the shopping cart integrated with my other web site [http://www.scifiencounters.com]. It was a simple matter of working out a couple of bugs in the original Cookie buggy so that I wouldn't get unterminated string constant errors when I put it into the ASP page.
All in all I think that the site is really gonna get good once I begin to accept online credit cards.
I've been working on a basic HTML tutorial...still in the works though.
Just signed up for Dialpad.com. I didn't think that it would work well on my ancient P2 166 mhz computer with a 56k modem...but it's very clear when you talk to other people. I give it 2 thumbs up.
I also became an affiliate so they gave me the cut-n-paste code, and now you can open the Dialpad dialer right here from my web page...pretty cool if you ask me.
Got a couple more Certifications.
Also on Ewebcity...I've created a messageboard script that will post messages to a database and display all posts. pretty cool I think...check it out.
Update: just got my first certification.
If you want to see my trascript and other details of the certification...you can get there from my Resume by clicking on the certification.
I've uploaded the color swatch page that I snagged from the 5k contest...I don't remember who made it, and I don't remember the URL for it. Yes I did take it and if I remembered who made it I would give them credit.
This is a really useful page for getting the look and feel of how a color scheme will look so go ahead and try it and maybe the web will start looking a little better.
Be sure to check out the cookie buggy, as it's been revamped to handle the cookie values a lot more efficiently...
the problem that I had when I tried to port it over to scifiencounters.com was that the ASP that is used on the page was adding items to the cookie...thus messing up my ability to extract the info that I wanted from that. Now any time that information is taken or added to the cookie...I get what I want using several string methods provided by javascript.
First I use string.indexOf("value") to get the begining of my info...then I use string.lastIndexOf("value") to get the end. then to put it all together I use string.substring(first_var , last_var) to get only the information I need.

If this all sounds like gibberish to you...oh well. as I've said before this is mostly here for my reference in the future so I don't forget what I've already done (copy/paste)

if for some reason you'd like to see a more thorough explanation of this, just Email me and I'll post a Tutorial or something.

Well, I think I've done well with this new color scheme...I used a page that I found on a 5K contest page. this is cool because you can see exactly how a certain palette will look together before you have to chop any code.
Hello And welcome to my page of html and javascript snippets. This page is mostly here for my own help so I can refer back to it at later times, but hopefully someone else will find something useful here someday.
One thing of note...This front page isn't one that's made in a conventional fashion...it's actually using layers. One of the hardest things about making the script to change out layers was the fact that Netscape and Internet Explorer handle things so much differently. I used an extremely usefule script that I got a Long time ago from The DynDuo, an extremely awesome DHTML resource.
It's as follows

ns = (document.layers)? true:false
ie = (document.all)? true:false

This checks for the Document.layers or Document.all property and then assigns two variables (ns & ie) a true or false value...What you then do is whenever you need to manipulate layers you just make an If Statement that says
If (ie) {
Internet Explorer code
Else {
Netscape Code
This allows you to create dynamic content no matter what browser is being used.

In this section you will [eventually] find tutorials on several web related topics.
Current Tutorials:
Here you will find information that may Aid in troubleshooting a messed up computer, but it probably wont since it's only there for my notes
Once you click Here, you will be taken to my best work to date. It's a site that I'm making for my Wife's uncle's shop in Sanford, Fl.
It's a big improvement over the Old Site because I've used a database to ease the process of updating the contents of the page. I use ASP on an NT server and the scripting language is VBscript. It's pretty nifty I think for a first attempt at a "dynamic data-driven web e~commerce site"
Found a great resource if your gonna be trying to upload files to the web server...you can find it here at asptoday.com
Then that way you don't have to use some stupid 3rd party upload component.
Got the messageboard working better. Now it's possible to actually respond to messages and have the number of responses show up.

been picking up some tips on ASP coding on 4guysfromrolla.com. Always remember to put response.buffer = true at the top of the page so that the server doesn't have to send HTML to the browser while it's processing any scripts. This will reduce server overhead and make the script process faster. good for large database queries.

Also remember to code in such a way that you can encapsulate the code into an Include file to be reused over and over again such as the Database connection:

Dim Conn
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open("DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=e:siteswww5starwars1781dbmessage.mdb")

After that you can save that snippet in it's own file [connection.asp or whatever] and use this whenever you need to connect to a database:

<!--#include file="connection.asp"-->

I've changed tactics for my Ewebcity account...now I've added a messageboard. Keep in mind that the ewebcity servers are extremely volatile and are probably gonna be busy, or unavailable, but you can give it a try.
I am quite proud of the messageboard...considering that I put approximately 6 hours of work into it (at the time of this writing) and it's already pretty functional. so make me feel cool and check it out.
This is the site on http://www.ewebcity.com that I'm working on...I'll be using it to test my SQL and databasing skills. Eventually I'm gonna make an app. that can act as an employee database and the employee can clock in and out and things of the such.
keep in mind that ewebcity servers are crap...they are constantly down, and for some reason when I make a script and view it from the "admin" area it works, but when you try to access it from the "outside" you get all kinds of ASP errors.
Oh well.
What I have Here is basically someone else's site that I saw as a good resource. I knew that I would never again visit that site, thus losing this resource, so I just clicked View Source and pulled a good old copy/paste into this site (which is the reason for the broken link at the top)...So I'm not claiming that I wrote all that stuff and if I remembered the name of the site I'd give them credit...but I don't so live with it.
This here has got to be one of the best resources for anyone working in any field remotely connected to the web. It is the Web Economy Bullshit Generator.
At the click of the button it will generate perfect industry buzzword phrases like "orchestrate synergistic models" and "incentivize mission-critical infomediaries". Denfinitely a must see.
What we've got here is quite a peculiar site that's basically a window of the mind of this dude name Don Bruns that lives in Washington, DC. I like the site because it's so simple, yet looks so good. the use of colors is great...it's an effect that I was trying to achieve, but failed. I've never been very good at combining colors to look good.
Hey RatBastard, if you're reading this and maybe have an opinion on how I can change the colors to look better...your opinion would be very much appreciated.
Chris set up a subdomain for me...There isn't very much there yet...one thing of note is the one and only C++ Program I ever made.
www.macron.net is hosted by my friend Chris Parnin. This dude is a programming genius...well I can't really talk cuz he's been away at college for about a year. I knew him when I was in my senior year in Colonial High school and he was already writing some pretty mad programs in C++...the most notable was a 3/4 side scroller game a la legend of Zelda. For a 12th grader this was Pimp as hell...god only knows what he's come up with since.
His site is hosted on his own computer running Linux...I'll be learning more about his setup in the future so I'll keep ya posted.
This here is my resume in HTML format.

Also checkout my portfolio